Since 2009, CARET (formerly Physician Resource Management) has provided oncology practices in the United States with the tools and services needed to deliver high quality, comprehensive patient care that promotes the appropriate utilization of healthcare resources. The CARET team is comprised of industry leaders dedicated to empowering physicians, and their practices, with value-based solutions that focus on standards of care, outcomes measurement, and financial sustainability. CARET provides business support and economic benefits that practices need to continue to offer high quality, comprehensive care. CARET’s value is demonstrated through our nationally recognized and innovative GPO contracts, strategic partnerships with the largest pharmaceutical distributors, and through our innovative payer initiatives.

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Providing value-based healthcare solutions, CARET aligns the demands of patients, providers and payers. We lead the industry in the development of quality practice, clinical and analytical solutions that increase efficiency in the provision of oncology care.  CARET provides:

Proprietary, Industry Proven, Evidence-Based Pathways State-of-the-Art Technology Platform Supporting Point-of-Service Decision Making Proven, Innovative Payer Models Unique Specialty Pharmacy Care Management Programs: Near Real-Time Updates on Activities and Interactions With Your Patient Portfolio of Contracts with Best-in-Class Pricing
CARET empowers practices with healthcare solutions focused on better patient care, improved treatment outcomes and financial stability.

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    Chief Executive Officer
    • Executes developmental synergies across CARET business lines
    • Translates vision into strategy and execution
    • Former Vice President, Clinical Services and Chief Clinical Officer, Trinity Health
    • Career consultant engagements for pharmaceutical pipeline, new technologies, genomics, molecular imaging, and their impact on healthcare

    “Gene’s vision and extensive clinical experience and health care executive leadership roles make him uniquely suited to lead the team at CARET.” Philip Stella, M.D.


    • Provides strategic guidance for CARET
    • Foster visionary payer initiatives
    • Oncologist, IHA Hematology Oncology Consultants
    • Medical Director, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Cancer Care Center
    • History of leadership, vision, and dedication of time and talent to the advancement of cancer care in Michigan
    • Founding member and past president, Michigan Society Hematology and Oncology (MSHO)
    • Chair-Elect and serves on ASCO’s Government Relations Committee.

    “Dr. Stella’s reputation as a clinician, patient advocate and oncology thought leader are remarkable.” – Doug Blayney, M.D.


    Senior Medical Advisor
    • Provides guidance, oversight, and quality assurance in the development of the CARET oncology therapy management program
    • Assists in the direction and management of physician compliance protocols
    • Ann and John Doerr Medical Director, Stanford Cancer Institute
    • Professor, Internal Medicine (Oncology), Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
    • Previously held the role of Medical Director, University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center and Professor of Medicine, University of Michigan
    • President of the American Society of Clinical Oncology during the 2009-10 year
    • Serves on ASCO’s Quality of Cancer Care and Value Task Force committees

    “Dr. Blayney’s experience as a community-based oncologist coupled with his leadership in the cancer center at the University of Michigan and his leadership of our country’s largest and most important professional society for oncologists has equipped him with a unique and variegated set of skills.” Philip Pizzo, MD, dean of Stanford’s medical school


    Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacy Initiatives
    • Develops evidence-based, clinical programs
    • Directs the development of care management and adherence monitoring for the oral oncolytic program
    • Extensively published and presented on the management of hematologic malignancies, symptom management, and oncology clinical decision support
    • NCCN Standard Chemotherapy Template Committee member
    • Previously served as the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Hematologic Malignancies and Oncology Clinical Decision Support at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    Vice President, Strategic and Business Development
    • Directs and manages CARET’s business development organization
    • Develops new business and strategic partnerships in the pharmaceutical, trade and genomics markets
    • Provides analysis of customer needs and ongoing customer discovery to inform product development
    • Former Vice President, Executive Director, Cancer Clinics of Excellence
    DIRECT: 617.875.5983   EMAIL: kdobson@prmbiz.com

    Chief Technology Officer
    • Translates Business Strategy into Technology Vision
    • Define technology roadmap
    • Oversees software delivery
    • Drives technology adoption by applying appropriate use of technology
    • Advocates for “appropriate” delivery of data to reduce ambivalence resulting from data overload
    • Former CIO and VP of Business Innovation Center for Accredo Health
    • Founder and President of 8th Day Software


    • Manages development of value-based programs and tools for oncology practices
    • Advises development of care enhancement features and outcomes analytics
    • Assists in development and implementation of payer initiatives
    • Advances quality improvement initiatives in oncology practices and medical homes recognizing the importance of palliative care and end of life planning
    • Over 25 years of healthcare administration experience
    • Michigan Cancer Consortium Board member

    DIRECT: 248.505.4656   EMAIL: kharrison@prmbiz.com

    Executive Director, Payer Strategies
    • Manages operations of payer programs
    • Develops analytics and compliance communications
    • Coordinates symposium development
    • Over 25 years of experience in healthcare administration
    • Private practice and hospital-based experience in hematology oncology and infectious diseases

    “Jane is highly skilled in many areas related to oncology practice management and physician network management.” Robert Walshon, VP Clinical Pathways at Cardinal Health

    OFFICE: 248.484.2457   CELL: 248.302.3086   EMAIL: jtozer@prmbiz.com

    National Director, Membership Services
    • Supports the development of new products and services
    • Develops national membership recruitment and retention strategy
    • Over 30 years in healthcare industry in community based practices and hospital settings
    • Practice management, academic instruction, medical billing and coding
    • Industry expertise in business development, project management, consulting, and implementation

    “Debbie is an exceptional oncology practice executive, with extensive experience in all aspects of practice management and in-depth knowledge of oncology.” Philip Stella, M.D.

    DIRECT: 248.302.3858   EMAIL: dmcneilance@prmbiz.com

    Director, Human Resources
    • Talent attraction and development
    • Strategizes culture and organizational effectiveness
    • Serves as process and planning coach
    • Over 20 years experience in human resources leadership roles
    • Recognized as the HR Executive of the Year by the American Society of Employers

    “Karen’s extensive experience in both health care and entrepreneurial environments assists us in building a world-class team and culture at CARET.” Gene Eavy, CEO

    DIRECT: 734.904.4189   EMAIL: careers@prmbiz.com
  • Tammy Zukowski

    Director, Specialty Pharmacy and Project Management
    • Directs and manages CARET’s Specialty Pharmacy Program.
    • Assists in development and operationalization of payer initiatives.
    • Former Specialty Pharmacy Manager for the University of Michigan Health Systems.
    • Consulting expert in the development and operation of specialty pharmacy programs within academic hospital and health systems.